Bicycle Helmets – 5 Things to Look For When Choosing Them

About half the states in the usa require people to wear bicycle helmets when they jump on their bikes. Right now there is a very good rationale behind this necessity – it is possible to suffer from severe brain injuries simply by falling from a bi-cycle. Almost 75 percent of deaths caused due to bicycle accidents happen because of trauma to the head. Further, a person does not need to be going at very high speeds on a bike in order to get badly injured. Riding a bicycle is a very healthy habit but only as long as the motorcyclist takes all possible safety measures to stay safe. cykelhjelm

If or not you are in a state that makes wearing bicycle helmets required for bike riders, you should always wear one when you can get on the saddle. This will protect you against brain destruction in case you have a fall from your bike.

There are a few things that you should certainly look for when selecting a bike helmet for your own or a loved one. They are:

– It should fit low on the your forehead
– It will touch all parts of your head
– It should have heavy and strong straps that ensure it stays on the head
– The helmet should be a snug fit but not too tight or loose (there should not be a great deal of play when you try to move it around)
– It must be white in color (or any other dazzling color) in order that it is easily obvious to people driving electric motor vehicles

Many people make the error of selecting a helmet purely on the basis of what it looks like. This is usually a mistake that can have lethal consequences. Further, head gear ought to be worn in the correct manner. For beginners, one should never go cycling without putting on enough protection for the head. Further, the head protection should always be mounted properly. It comes with a chin strap several people forget to secure it well (or they do it purposely). In the event the helmet has recently been worn by somebody else in whose head has different proportions from yours then you should modify its adjustments before you use it.

One should also be careful about maintaining bike helmets well. If the head protection has suffered a few falls then it is probably time so that you can buy a new one. This kind of will likely make certain you do not feature in the number of folks that are suffering severe head accidents because of falling off a bicycle.

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